The Jerusalem Post reports on Palestinian reaction to the capture of Saddam. It appears that the Palestinians are in something close to a state of mourning. Here, according to the JP, are some typical comments:
“This is a big loss for the Arab nation. Saddam was one of the great Arab leaders who supported the Palestinian people and many Arabs. We feel very sad today, and we say to all the traitors and collaborators: Don’t rush to celebrate because there are millions of Saddams in the Arab world.”
“[This is a] black day for all the Palestinians and all the Arabs and Muslims.”
“I still can’t believe that President Saddam has been captured by the Americans. Saddam was the only Arab leader who cared about us. He supported the Palestinian cause from the beginning. His arrest is a major setback for the Palestinians. It’s a pity that he didn’t fight.”
“I was sitting with my friends when we heard the bad news. We all started crying because we love Saddam and we hate [US President George W.] Bush and [Prime Minister Ariel] Sharon. This is a big victory for Bush and Sharon and all the enemies of the Palestinian people. We hope the Iraqi resistance will now teach the American dogs a good lesson.”
The imbecility of the Palestinians once was a blessing for Israel. But, as the decades pass, it is becoming a curse. I am mystified that anyone who follows events in this region believes Israel can reach a peaceful accommodation with these people. The only thing that mystifies me more is that the U.S. seems so determined to force Israel to do so, and that the more the Palestinians demonstrate their affection for our enemies and their contempt for us, the more determined we become to be their champions.


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