Reflections on BDS as manifested in WFM

FrontPage picked up our post providing the St. Paul Pioneer Press account of Walter Mondale’s Bush-bashing conclave in St. Paul this past Friday: “The Carterites strike back.” FrontPage notes the perfect timing of the conclave, on the eve of our apprehension of Saddam Hussein.
It seems to me that the Mondale conclave deserves more attention than it has received. Not only Mondale, but also Zbig Brzezinski and William Perry spoke at the event, and all three made remarks that are worthy of comment.
Edward Morrissey of the excellent Captain’s Quarters site took notice of the proceedings in “Underwhelming irony.” I’m not aware of any discussion of the event elsewhere. I want to address the Carter connection in general and Walter Mondale’s contribution in particular for readers who may be younger than we are, or whose memory may not be as long as ours.
Charles Krauthammer is not only a distinguished columnist, he is also a trained psychiatrist. Twenty-five years ago he discovered the psychiatric syndrome “Secondary Mania.” Commenting recently on Howard Dean


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