The euphoria gap

George Will on why it matters that Saddam be tried by an Iraqi tribunal, not an international tribunal that would likely include judges from countires that opposed his removal. Will might have added that international tribunals often include judges from dictatorships such as China and Arab states.
Will also analyzes the impact of Saddam’s capture on our domestic politics. He thinks that “perhaps yesterday’s euphoria among the vast majority of next November’s voters will cause Democrats to pause on their double-time march toward nominating the one serious candidate of whom it can be indisputably said that, were he president, Saddam would still be a president.”
I suppose that anything is possible. However, these days the Democratic party seems to specialize in ignoring such signals from mainstream voters. Indeed, it is natural enough for one to ignore euphoria that one does not feel.
BIG TRUNK adds: On his London-based Daily Ablution site, Scott Burgess expands on Deacon’s point in “Let’s hope something goes wrong — and soon!”


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