New York Times: Treatment of Saddam Violates Geneva Convention

Not too long ago, it would have been safe to assume that a liberal organ like the New York Times disapproves of mass murder, mass torture and attempted genocide. Nowadays, however, liberalism has gotten itself so twisted into knots that it is no surprise to see liberals springing to the defense of the world’s worst tyrants. Whether the Times disapproves of Saddam’s brutalization of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Kuwaitis is an enigma, but the newspaper is clearly on record as disapproving of our treatment of the captured dictator. Today’s Times includes this Q & A session with their reporter in Baghdad, Edward Wong:
“Q. I wonder if the filming and publication of the videos and stillshots of Saddam Hussein during his medical checkup (being investigated for headlice, having a light shone back onto his tonsils) violates international law for war prisoners. Is Saddam considered a POW? Do the Geneva Conventions apply to him, especially with regard to treating POW’s in ways that humiliate them and turn them into


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