Is Dean Iraq-proof, Part II

Hugh Hewitt questions whether Howard Dean actually is “Iraq proof” when it comes to the Democrats. Hugh writes:
“I think Dean may have jumped the shark with with this one. And I deeply regret it. No single person better embodies the spirit of the delusional and crank-infected left in this country than Howard Dean. He is the voice of Streisand and all political comics; he is Al Franken with better clothes; he is Congressman McDermott and Senator Leahy; he is the crowd in front of the A.N.S.W.E.R. rally, and he genuinely represents about 25% of the American electorate which is a majority in the Democratic Party.
“But not even that 25% is that crazy when it comes to Saddam. Howard added megalomania to the witches brew of crazy left thinking and came down on the side of Saddam’s capture not mattering because if Saddam’s capture did matter then Howard’s theory of the world would have been flawed.
“Howard of the Hague cannot conceive of his view of the world being flawed, so he worked backwards to the conclusion that grabbing Saddam doesn’t make the U.S. safer. That is simply and conclusively nuts, and you know it, I know it, and most of Dean’s people know it.”
Hugh may be correct in concluding that the leftish 25 percent of the electorate is not as crazy as Dean when it comes to Saddam. But keep in mind that Dean became the darling of much of that block by insisting that Saddam posed no danger to our safety when he was in power. If his followers believed this, then they probably believe that Saddam posed no danger once he was deposed and living on the run. It seems to me that the theory of the world under which (as Hugh puts it) Saddam’s capture can’t matter is the theory of the world held by nearly all those who have supported Dean thus far and, indeed, the theory of the world that caused them to support him.


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