A talking tree, a puppy, and a pisher

Tina Brown, in the Washington Post’s Style page, delivers a Dowd-like send-up of the Democratic pretenders and, to a lesser extent, President Bush. There are some good lines here: “Live-action heroism and a sinking sense that nice guys finish last have reduced the Democratic candidates to little more than the mannerisms that annoyed us in the first place.” These candidates include John Kerry, “the talking tree with the 70s hair,” John Edwards, “hopelessly puppyish at 50,” and Howard Dean, “no longer the exciting insurgent riding to glory on the Internet but a pisher with no past and no neck, posied to lead his party to angry defeat.”
The one hero in Brown’s piece is Hillary Clinton, and while some of Brown’s imagery is over-the-top, I’m not sure her general take on Hillary is.


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