Something for nothing

Ariel Sharon has delivered his long-awaited speech on Israel’s next steps with respect to the Palestinians. According to this report from the Washington Post Sharon said that Israel will take unilateral steps to establish a border unless the Palestinians quickly make moves toward peace. Under Sharon’s approach, some Israeli settlements would be relocated, and the security fence would be completed and used to create a defensible border.
The Post doesn’t seem to be thrilled about this. It notes that “the Palestinians and U.S. officials have harshly criticized Sharon’s go-it-alone concept, which would not give the Palestinians as much territory in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as they seek or address other key Palestinian issues — Jerusalem and refugees.” The Post (along with our State Department) is unhappy that the value of what Sharon will give away in exchange for nothing is less than the value of what he might give away, in a fantasy peace process scenario, in exchange for something. I question the wisdom of giving away something in exchange for nothing.


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