Happy Kwanzaa from Howard

Howard Dean has posted a “holiday message” on his website:
“This month, millions of families will be gathering to worship and celebrate. Hanukkah begins today at sundown, and Christmas and Kwanzaa are not far behind. At this time of year, our differences seem just a bit smaller, and our communities draw just a bit closer.
“We should also remember those who are apart from their families this holiday season. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are spending the holidays serving our country abroad, and we pray for their safe and speedy return.
“Happy holidays to all who are celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa this season, and may each of us have a happy new year.”
Giving equal time to Kwanzaa is classic faux-inclusive Dean. Never mind that Kwanzaa was invented in the late 1960’s by a deranged Communist, Ron Karenga, who served a prison sentence for torturing two women. (Released from prison, Karenga is now a professor of black studies.) Never mind that the real religious tradition of American blacks is Christianity of the Baptist/Methodist variety, and that virtually no one actually celebrates Kwanzaa. For someone like Dean, who by his own account left his church in a dispute over a bicycle path, one “religious” holiday is apparently as good as another.
BIG TRUNK adds: Reader James Phillips has alerted us to the White House saluatations in connection with Kwanzaa. Mr Phillips adds: “I saw this on The Corner, and there are a few interesting e-mails that follow it from African-Americans that proclaim their disgust at the Holiday.” Everything that Rocket Man says here about the Dean campaign’s provision of equal time for Kwanzaa applies to the White House as well. Faux-inclusiveness is not what distinguishes liberals from conservatives; it’s what distinguishes practicing politicians and educrats from the rest of America.