Al Qaeda Behind Turkish Attacks; Iran Too?

Adnan Ersoz, a high-ranking al Qaeda operative in Turkey, has confessed that the terror organization supplied $150,000 to fund the recent bombings of two synagogues, the British consulate and an English bank.
One-third of this amount reportedly came from “an Iranian,” and after the bombings, Ersoz met with another al Qaeda leader, Fevzi Yitiz (now also in custody), in Tehran. Ersoz was persuaded to return from Iran to Turkey with an offer of amnesty; he is said to regret the attacks since most of those killed were Turkish Muslims. He had understood that American targets were to be bombed. (I recently heard Dennis Prager say that while Judaism and Christianity are all about the conflict between good and evil, Islam is all about the conflict between Muslim and non-Muslim.)
We can only hope that the Mullahs’ turn is coming soon.


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