More on Daschle and Clark

As supplements to the Trunk’s posts last night on Tom Daschle and Wes Clark, check out these side-by-side articles in today’s Washington Post: “Democrats Forced to Work on Margins” and “Clark In Search of Following as Antiwar Warrior”.
On the Democrats’ problems in Congress:
“Many Democrats figured they had hit bottom last year when Republicans captured control of the Senate, completing their federal government takeover. Then the bottom dropped out, too. By the end of this year’s congressional session, Republicans had tightened their already firm grip on the House and moved to marginalize Democrats’ influence in both chambers by shutting them out of negotiations on the final version of major bills.”
General Clark’s analysis of the reasons for his problems in the Democratic field is self-serving, but revealing nonetheless:
“Clark said in a recent interview that his military background is proving to be a mixed blessing in the Democratic race. ‘If I were a Republican, it would be real easy,’ he said in an interview. ‘Republicans would say, ah, general, we had Eisenhower, we like generals. Big authority. Democrats aren’t like that.’
“Democrats, he added, ‘want to look through that uniform. And they have trouble with that uniform because a lot of them marched [against the Vietnam War] and a lot of them, they’re not authority oriented and the military seems like rigid authority.’
“Clark has little more than a month to change those perceptions and turn the promise of his candidacy into a reality.”
BIG TRUNK asks: Isn’t that why Clark was a Republican until earlier this year?
CORRECTION: The “General Goofy” post on Wes Clark was by Deacon.


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