Gaddafi speaks

The Telegraph reports on CNN’s interview with the Libyan madman: “Follow my lead, Gaddafi urges rogue states.” According to the Telegraph, Gaddafi sidestepped direct questions about whether the war in Iraq had influenced his decision to scrap nuclear, biological and chemical research, saying his motives were “not important.” But his stark warning to other “rogue” states appeared to offer endorsement of Washington’s and London’s policy of diplomacy backed by pre-emptive strikes.
Asked if he had a message for other leaders, especially the heads of Syria, Iran and North Korea, he replied: “They should follow the steps of Libya, or take an example from Libya, so that they prevent any tragedy being inflicted upon their own peoples.”
No such interview would be complete without the obligatory rant about Israel, and Gaddafi did not disappoint. He went on to accuse Israel of harbouring illicit weapons, saying a wholesale disarmament in the Muslim world “would tighten the rope or the noose around the Israelis, so they would expose their programmes and their weapons of mass destruction.”


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