Aftershocks of war

Charles Krauthammer’s column today responds in its own way to the Democratic fools who play down the role of the Bush administration in producing Gadaffi’s capitulation. Krauthammer demonstrates that the current crop of Democratic candidates cannot see what is in plain sight before their eyes, or pretend that they cannot: “Aftershocks of war.” (Courtesy of Malcolm Smordin.)
In “Walter Mondale loses it,” Rocket Man and I sought to respond to Walter Mondale’s incarnation of Mr. Magoo on foreign policy. We were particularly provoked by Mondale’s complaint that the Bush administration was introducing democracy to Afghanistan and Iraq “at bayonet point.” Elaborating on a related point in this column, Krauthammer states: “In rogue states, the only diplomacy that ever works is diplomacy at the point of a bayonet.”


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