Kicking Ass, RIP

The Democratic National Committee, as part of its official website, set up a blog called “Kicking Ass.” From the beginning, the blog was problematic. It was, in reality, a message board rather than a blog, and the quality of the messages was, to put it mildly, low. Power Line and many other sites had fun at the posters’ expense. Kicking Ass was also occasionally frequented by Republicans, whose posts defending President Bush were systematically deleted by the DNC. This was pointed out by Sean Hannity and others, making the site still more of a laughingstock.
It now appears that Kicking Ass may be out of business. It has not been updated since the week before Christmas, and no new comments have been posted since Dec. 22. While I have seen no announcement that the “blog” is defunct, its future looks bleak. This exchange, from the last day before the plug was apparently pulled, sums up the site pretty well:
“This terror alert is great news. This just goes to show people that we are not safe under W.”
Posted by Big Ern :: 12/22/03 08:41 AM
This terror alert is great news. This just goes to show people that we are not safe under W.
“That’s about the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.”
Posted by Christopher Kneidek :: 12/22/03 08:43 AM
“Christopher, Just stick around this place. Dumber things have been said and I feel certain dumber things are a comin.”
Posted by marie rhodes :: 12/22/03 08:45 AM
BIG TRUNK adds: Several readers have written to advise that news of the death of Kicking Ass is greatly exaggerated.
HINDROCKET adds: I’m not sure how they know, but a couple of readers have told us that Kicking Ass will be back in business after the first of the year. Here is an email from one of them: “Dead? Nope. They’re moving back to D.C., they will be up and running after the 1st. BTW, I am a repub and a frequent poster on the DNC blog. None of my posts were ever deleted. The trick is to be polite. Funny how that works. There is no shortage of intelligent life there, but the trolls became too much to handle. Those cyber-terrorists were the ones deleted.” I’m not sure what moving back to D.C. means in the context of a blog, but I assume these readers are right, and we’ll have Kicking Ass to kick around some more very soon.


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