Still Alive and Kicking

Our readers were right; the DNC’s “blog” Kicking Ass is back in business. A post last night linking to Power Line elicited these comments:
“Under the new comments post, Nick posted at 9:37PM a link to what was said about the shutdown of this blog for awhile.
“The post listed some of the trolls posts, wonder why they didn’t post the trashy posts??? no truth in trolls.”
Posted by Madalyn :: 12/28/03 01:19 AM
“I saw that Powerline Blog and they were right about the DNC Blog, this isn’t a Blog its a messageboard for commentary.”
Posted by Christopher Kneidek :: 12/28/03 01:31 AM
“Hi Christopher Good to see you are still posting. Madalyn are you caling me a troll? Life is just full of surprises isn’t it? But seriously guys I am glad the blog is up and running again. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and is ready for the New Year. I will be posting during the next year and I believe it will all be very interesting. At least I hope so.”
Posted by marie rhodes :: 12/28/03 01:51 AM
Kicking Ass provides a useful window into the soul of today’s Democratic Party. And the astonishing thing is, it isn’t just a bunch of loonies like IndyMedia; it’s sponsored by the Democratic National Committee.


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