Ridicule Comes to the Archbishop

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, is a disgrace. Today he was vivisected (the word comes to mind, I guess, because I just read the Trunk’s post on the Aztecs) by the Telegraph in a piece titled “An Unworthy Archbishop.” After detailing Williams’s sad history of political correctness and soft-left posturing, the Telegraph turns to the subject of terrorism:
“On Christmas Day the Pope appealed to God to rid the world of the scourge of terrorism. The Archbishop of Canterbury, on the other hand, reserved his clearest condemnation for the West’s counter-terrorism campaign. Imprisoning terrorist suspects in Guantanamo Bay and Belmarsh prison, he complained, ‘sends out the wrong message’ to Muslim societies. Those of the Christian faith, he said, should show themselves to be ‘on the side of humanity’ by ‘making sacrifices for the sake of justice’.
“The ‘sacrifices’ to which Dr Williams refers presumably involve risking another terrorist attack on the scale of September 11. So far, the counter-terrorist campaign has been remarkably successful in preventing al-Qaeda attacks in Europe and America, in spite of that organisation’s strikes elsewhere in the world. Moreover, this has been achieved without any curtailment of the rights of ordinary Muslims in Britain and America, who are free to practise their faith with a degree of freedom of which Christians in many parts of the Islamic world can only dream. Does Dr Williams really suggest that humanity would better be served by refusing to imprison those who, given the chance, would delight in making a nuclear attack on a Western city?”


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