A Sad Story

Shmuel Yurfest is an Israeli surgeon who has saved the lives of many people, including lots of Palestinians. Last May, he reattached the severed hand of a Palestinian terrorist who was injured when his bomb blew up prematurely. “I have saved the lives of many terrorists,” Yurfest says. “But the only reason this one walks on this planet with both his hands is because of my work.” While performing the operation, Dr. Yurfest commented to a nurse, “Tell the terrorists, when they make a bomb for me to make sure it’s a small one because I have saved the lives of many of them.”
Dr. Yurfest won’t be saving any more terrorists. Or anyone else. At age 48, he is blind and nearly deaf as a result of a mass-murder bombing by a 19 year old Palestinian girl who is described as “a gifted English literature student and a devout Muslim.” That she was a devout Muslim, I have no doubt.
Dr. Yurfest’s story is told in this Reuters dispatch.
Perhaps there has never been a time in human history when good and evil have walked the earth in such close proximity and in such stark contrast.
Via Little Green Footballs.
POSTSCRIPT: The government of Iran has announced that it will accept aid on behalf of earthquake victims from anyone except the “Zionist regime” of Israel. Undeterred, the Israeli relief organization Latet is organizing to send emergency supplies to survivors in Bam. “If there are many people that are starving and injured and have no place to sleep,” explains Latet general manager Eran Weintrob, “we don’t ask and we don’t argue and we don’t think about political issues. We just act. If we can act, we will.” Latet hopes to be able to funnel aid through international organizations.


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