Steyn takes stock

Mark Steyn finds it obvious that America is winning the war against terrorism. Here’s his distillation of the last two year:
“Taliban gone, Saddam gone, Gadhafi retired, Osama ‘resting.’ ‘Message: America wins’ is as accurate a summation of the last two years as any. Whether or not you think American victory is a good thing is another matter. But a smart anti-American ought to recognize that generally things are going America’s way, and the only argument worth having is about the speed at which they’re doing so.”
A fair assessment, in my view. And it should be noted that, during this period, Steyn has accurately predicted a number of the successes he now cites. I haven’t kept count, but my impression is that Steyn’s predictions have panned out pretty regularly. Here, Steyn reviews his major predictions of the past year.


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