Tony Judt speaks

Tony Judt is the prominent NYU professor who combines the worst of Europe and self-hating liberal Jewishness in calling for the disestablishment of Israel because Israel is, well, bad for the Jews. According to Judt, the epidemic of anti-Semitism in Europe and elsewhere is a result of the (alleged) historic injustice associated with Israel’s founding. This week’s Forward reports on an interesting interview with him in which his train of thought is on full display: “Embattled academic Tony Judt defends call for binational state.” In the hard copy of the Forward, the article runs with a photo of Judt that establishes him as a possible separated at birth twin of Egyptian foreign minister Ahmed Maher. Above is a slightly more flattering photo of Judt than the one in the Forward. Judt not only looks strikingly like Maher, he has the uncanny gift of channeling Maher’s thoughts.
The Forward also runs a terrific interview with Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman (pictured above): “Senator: Saddam nab, Dean’s rise make GOP an easy sell.” Norm is a guy who appears to be making waves as President Bush’s ambassador to the American Jewish community. (The Forward’s report of the interview also carries some choice quotes from a Dean spokesman responding to Norm.) Not only does Norm make more sense than Judt, he’s somewhat easier on the eyes.