Sunni Clerics Urge Peace

This seems hopeful:
“In Saddam’s hometown, Tikrit, influential spiritual leaders from the Sunni Muslim minority said yesterday that they are joining forces to persuade Iraqis to abandon the violent insurgency. Sheik Sabah Mahmoud, leader of the Sada tribe, told the Associated Press that he and 10 other tribal elders have formed a reconciliation committee in Tikrit to speak to other Iraqi leaders about trying to persuade rebels to put down their weapons.
“‘It’s about time we put our differences aside and looked to the future,’ Mr. Mahmoud said. ‘I told them, ‘The reality is they (American forces) are here on the ground; the past is dead. Give the Americans a chance to see what they are going to give us.'”
If more Sunnis take this attitude, the only religious leaders still supporting Saddam will be in the Church of England.


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