Iraqis Judge Saddam

Healing Iraq has the results of a poll of Iraqis. The poll seems to be pretty broad-based, although it can’t be very scientific; for one thing, 81% of the respondents were men.
For the most part, the Iraqis’ responses were pretty predictable. 59% said their reaction to Saddam’s capture was “overwhelming joy.” 56% want Saddam executed. 73% think Saddam’s capture will either decrease the resistance or terminate it altogether. Here is how Iraqis evaluate various of Saddam’s actions and policies. See if you notice a pattern:
A) The Iraq-Iran war:
Crime 77%
Justified action 23%
B) Invading Kuwait:
Crime 79%
Justified action 21%
C) Attacking Israel in 1991:
Crime 18%
Justified action 82%
D) Mass graves:
Crime 81%
Justified action 19%
E) Gasing the Kurds:
Crime 87%
Justified action 13%
F) Forced deportation:
Crime 82%
Justified action 18%
G) Killing religious and national figures:
Crime 83%
Justified action 17%
It appears that attacking Israel is the only thing Saddam ever did that is still popular. Along with Iran’s irrational response to Israel’s offer of earthquake aid, this illustrates how deeply delusional the Arabs have become.


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