Our Intelligent Democratic Friends

A large number of mainstream Democrats–the cream of the crop, really–post comments on the issues of the day at “Kicking Ass,” an official forum of the Democratic National Committee. For some reason these intelligent, thoughtful, articulate liberals have become obsessed with Power Line. Here is the latest from one of the DNC’s prize intellectuals:
“That’ll teach old Hindrocket to snoop around here. Never occurred to him indeed. I’ll bet mommy never let his little golden feet touch the dirty ground. Certainly he never attended St. Anthony’s.
“Read any of the supercilious prancing crap he posts? The literary equivalent of farting roses. I’ll bet the boys down at the boat yard love it, though. The illusion of superiority and all. I hear he’s inspired them to a new level of Republican style patriotism as well. Yup, you’ve got it. They’re putting American flags on their Mercedes and Lexus automobiles.
“Then, of course, there is the matter of Republican sites not allowing the profane to add informed commentary to their lovely country club blogs. It would seem that even they must know of the knuckle-dragging, Rush Limbaugh fed, race-baiting reactionary baboons attracted to the banner of the Grand Old White Peoples Party these days. As any quick trip to USENET would attest.”
Posted by Ed Farley :: 12/28/03 08:58 PM
Thanks for that illuminating commentary, Ed. It’s good to know that the Democrats can keep up their side of an argument.


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