The Morning After

It’s a good New Year’s Day; millions of people celebrated last night, all around the world, with nothing worse to fear than a hangover. Notwithstanding all of the pre-holiday jitters, terrorists made no successful attacks anywhere except Baghdad. Here are some views of the celebrations in Athens, Sydney and Moscow:
One reason for the safe holiday here in the U.S. may have been the extraordinary precautions taken to re-screen or keep out at least seven incoming flights by American officials.
Meanwhile, while a Baghdad restaurant was bombed, terrorist attacks there and throughout Iraq have diminished since the capture of Saddam Hussein:
“The top U.S. commander in Baghdad said yesterday that guerrilla attacks in his sector have dropped sharply since the Dec. 13 capture of Saddam Hussein. Army Brig. Gen. Martin E. Dempsey also said insurgents are turning to roadside bombs as their attack method of choice, as opposed to more frontal assaults with rocket-propelled grenades, mortars and rockets. Gen. Dempsey’s New Year’s Eve assessment would seem to indicate that the pro-Saddam insurgent cells in the capital could be running out of men, weapons and motivation.


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