Thanks, I think

Saint Paul of our Northern Alliance colleague Fraters Libertas has given Power Line the first-place honors in five categories of his coveted year-end 2003 Blogs of Distinction Awards.
“Best Link to a George Will Column WINNER: A 42-way tie, all earned by our esteemed Northern Alliance colleagues at Power Line. Fans of the well scrubbed, bow tied pundit can rest easy, because if they ever forget how to find George Will on the Internet, these Ivy League Linkers will get them there. Sometimes two or three times per week.” Saint Paul links to my “Howard Dean: The Goldberg variation” as representative of our award-winning efforts in this category. If Saint Paul only knew how long I labored to come up with that heading, he could have used that factor as a tiebreaker.
Saint Paul also gives us the palm for: “Best Link to a Mark Steyn Column — See above. Best Link to a Charles Krauthammer column — See above. Best Link to a Victor Davis Hanson column — See above.” All of which we have worked hard to earn and is well deserved.
Then, however, Saint Paul goes haywire: “Bloggers with Names that Sound Vaguely Pornographic WINNER: Hindrocket, Big Trunk, and the Deacon from Power Line.” Here, I’m afraid, we are not deserving; Saint Paul appears to have been badly led astray by the juvenile delinquents over at Kicking Ass.


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