Media alert/Welcome KSTP listeners

I’m going to appear on KSTP AM 1500 radio with host Dave Thompson this evening after the 10:00 p.m. (Central) newsbreak to discuss the Elliot Rothenberg case. We provided background on the case and our take on the issues in “Getting our minds right in Minnesota” and “Getting our minds right in Minnesota, part 2.”
KSTP has live audio streaming over the Internet that can be accessed via the link above. If you have any interest in the case or the issues, please listen in and lob me a softball at 651/646-8255 if you are in Minnesota, or at 877/615-1500 if you are outside the state. KSTP listeners looking for our take on the issues should click on the two “Getting our minds right” pieces noted above and the links to related materials in the first of them.


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