Immigration reform

David Frum, in his NRO diary, provides the following instant analysis of President Bush’s immigration reform proposal:
“1) The President is right that something has to be done to deal with this problem. It is wrong and dangerous to have 7-10 million living inside the borders of the United States who are largely unprotected by its laws and unrepresented in its government. Illegals do not pay taxes, often do not carry car insurance, often do not send their children to school, often do not obtain their vaccinations. A republican government does not comfortably coexist with a submerged caste within the population.
2) It is a fantasy to imagine that the US government will round up and deport all or even very many of these 7 to 10 million people. The probable alternative to reform is the maintenance of the status quo.
3) Actually the alternative is worse than the status quo, for as soon as the job market warms up, still more illegals will arrive, intensifying the problem.
4) But merely ratifying past law-breaking is not


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