Let the retreat begin

Now that Rocket Man has exposed the fraudulent O’Neill/Suskind claim that the Bush administration’s removal of Saddam Hussein was driven not by legitimate national security concerns in the wake of 9/11, but rather by preexisting concerns for Iraqi oil, the left seems to have ordered a retreat to pre-existing lines. This anti-Bush blog which proclaims its dedication to “searching to the crux of the biscuit,” now claims that the crux of O’Neill’s biscuit lies in “the President’s tunnelvision, the rich-serving fiscal policy (no matter how damaging to the American economy as a whole), and the fact that Bush was hell-bent on pusuing his family vendetta.” That’s a rather well-chewed biscuit. Just how the anti-Bush camp plans to get traction from a failed Treasury Secretary’s attacks on a fiscal policy associated with a massive economic recovery remains unclear.


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