This Guy Should Be A Hockey Player

Those who have seen hockey defensemen skate backward at full speed will understand the reference. Paul O’Neill is now backpedaling furiously:
“He described the reaction to Suskind’s book as a ‘red meat frenzy’ and said people should read his comments in context, particularly about the Iraq war. ‘People are trying to say that I said the president was planning war in Iraq early in the administration. Actually there was a continuation of work that had been going on in the Clinton administration with the notion that there needed to be a regime change in Iraq.’
“Asked about comments that he did not believe Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, the main reason cited for going to war, O’Neill said he never saw ‘concrete evidence’ of such weapons. ‘I think the fact that we have not found them makes the point. But that doesn’t make the point that we should not have got rid of Saddam Hussein.’
“Asked about his comment that during Cabinet meetings Bush was like ‘a blind man in a room full of deaf people,’ O’Neill said he regretted some of the language he used to describe his former boss. ‘If I could take it back, I would take it back. It has become the controversial centerpiece.’
“Pressed whether he would vote for Bush in the November presidential election, O’Neill said he probably would, but he said the American people needed to demand more of their leaders.”


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