The Bird is a Hit

We never know what will engage the interest of our readers. Sometimes we write a piece of analysis that we think is incisive and original, and: nada. Sometimes we write on what seems like a relatively trivial theme, and the mailbox groans with correspondence.
Few things we’ve done lately can compare with Deacon’s new icon for reader response. The emails started coming in as soon as the new icon went up, and virtually all the feedback has been positive, despite some occasional ornithological confusion. The bird is, if I am not mistaken, an owl.
Thanks to all who wrote to congratulate Deacon on his new look; special thanks to Gary Waltrip, who not only realized that the icon would look better without the background showing, but knew how to fix it. Gary sent us a transparent gif; the result was so nice that he did the same for the Trunk’s trunk, which, if you looked carefully, used to be surrounded by a sort of square, gray penumbra. Thanks, Gary.


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