This Can’t Be True

Watch for this one to drop into the memory hole, since the capture of Saddam hasn’t made us safer, and there isn’t any connection between Iraq and al Qaeda:
“U.S. troops have captured a handful of big-time al Qaeda terrorist suspects in northern Iraq, acting on tips from Iraqis who are increasingly emboldened to help coalition forces after the arrest of Saddam Hussein, the Pentagon said yesterday.
“Pentagon officials said last night that a series of raids by the Army’s 101st Airborne Division in the northern city of Mosul over the past week, including one on Monday, targeted members of al Qaeda and its local affiliate, Ansar al-Islam.
“The raids were directed at suspects whose names were on new lists of terrorists that Army intelligence has compiled recently with the help of Iraqi citizens, military officials said.”
Forget you ever read that. The Democratic presidential candidates certainly will.
UPDATE by BIG TRUNK: Rocket Man filed this report on his way out the door to the airport, thus accounting for the absence of a link to the New York Post article by Niles Lathem from which he was quoting. By popular demand, here it is: “Iraqis help lead GIs to terror bigs.”


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