Mazel tov, part 3

Readers Jonathan and Elizabeth Burack have kindly provided us a copy of their letter to His Excellency Jan Eliasson, Ambassador of Sweden to the United States, regarding the “Snow White and and the Madness of Truth” exhibit:

Since 9-11, Europeans have dared to talk down to the U.S. as if they are in possession of some higher moral authority and speak for all mankind. This has been an annoyance from day one. What has made it almost hideously laughable has been the concurrent rise of a new form of European anti-Semitism that masks itself as criticism of Israel. Your nation is now the proud prize-winner for the day for this obscene and pornorgraphic celebration of the spilling of Jewish blood. Freud speaks of the “return of the repressed.” The more Europe pretends to repress its bloody past, especially with respect to the Jews, the more that past appears to be resurfacing. Your nation owes the world an apology. Perhaps your neigbors will consider Israeli Ambassador Zvi Mazel for a Nobel Prize. What he has made clear by his reasonable act of defiance and disgust is, that this time, Jews will NOT go silently into that good night. The sooner Europe understands this, the better for all of us.

UPDATE: Joshua Sharf of View from a Height has posted the contact information for the Swedish consulate in Denver, the Swedish consuate in New York, and the Swedish embassy in Washington, D.C. on his site. Click here for a listing of contact information for all Swedish consulates in the United States.


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