Mullings is a very good cyber-diary–not exactly a blog–by Rich Galen, an American soldier stationed in Iraq. His latest “chapter”, on American aid to Iran, his exhumation of a mass grave, yesterday’s car bombing and other topics, is well worth reading. Galen was nearby when the car bombing occurred, and took this photo of the area just a few minutes after the explosion:
UPDATE by BIG TRUNK: Reader Mark Hessey has written to advise us that Rich Galen is in Iraq as a civilian rather than as a soldier. Dafydd ab Hugh provides the details: “He’s a communications director who has worked for VP Dan Quayle as well as many federal agencies. He once ran unsuccessfully for public office, I believe. He was sent to Iraq by the Bush administration not as a soldier (he only served briefly in the army decades ago as a draftee), but rather to collect all the great local-interest stories there and ensure that they are conveyed to the appropriate small-town media. His son is (or was) on some White House detail that does advance work for the president, I believe. But Rich is a career political mouthpiece, not a soldier. And a great guy! His site used to be more like a blog, but the feds forced him to curtail much of what he used to write when they tapped him to go to Iraq.”
HINDROCKET adds: Sorry, guys, I just stumbled across Galen’s site today and should have investigated further. What a contrast, though, between the blogosphere, where innocent and minor errors are jumped upon by alert readers and immediately corrected, and the “mainstream” press, where the most ridiculous and substantively important mistakes are allowed to stand no matter how many readers point out that they are fictitious.


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