My conservative cousin from New York. . .

(husband of the designer of the new Deacon icon) had this to say about my piece on the PBS series on the Reconstruction Era:
“Your blog on the PBS documentary was fascinating. (Guess you’ve given up watching the Capitals and Wizards). It never ceases to amaze how liberal historians give such low ratings to Grant and Harding who actually sought albeit ineffectually to achieve racial equality. Yet a segregationist like Woodrow Wilson is always rated highly. My understanding is that the corruption in the Wilson administration was at a much more serious level than the scandals of Grant or Harding. But almost any sin can be forgiven of a Democratic President particularly if he manages to get reelected.
“Has anyone asked Howard Dean why he was silent when Clinton unilateraly invaded Haiti? I don’t recall hearing a peep from any of the Democratic contenders. One might well ask how that use of our military power has made us more secure or improved the lot of the Haitian people.”


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