“From bad to Wes”

Mark Steyn observes that the Democrats, having found their “un-Dean,” are now looking for their “un-Clark.” For those who were wondering, the difference between Dean and Clark is that “Mad How” is “a sane man pretending to be crazy, whereas General Clark gives every indication of a crazy man pretending to be sane.” Clark, Steyn concludes, “was sold to the Democratic Party as a military man of peaceful manner: Generals are from Mars, but this one’s from Venus. But there’s a common theme to every glimpse of the real Clark, whether it’s his own private fantasies about the White House calling him on 9/11 or memories of those who served with him, like the British general who refused an order by Clark to launch an insane attack on Russian forces in Kosovo: At best, he’s a thin-skinned, vain, insecure man with a need to insert himself at the center of every story; at worst, he’s a paranoid megalomaniac narcissist.” Steyn provides plenty of evidence to support the worst case scenario.


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