Palestinians Feel Slighted

UPI reports that Palestinians are feeling left out after President Bush’s state of the union speech:
“Palestinian representatives are angry U.S. President George Bush made no mention of the Arab-Israeli conflict in his state of the union address. ‘If he wants democracy in the Middle East, the most ready area for elections in all forms, both regional and local, is Palestine,’ Saib Uraiqat, Palestinian minister of negotiations, told al-Jazeera.
“Uraiqat said the fact Bush did not make direct reference to the peace process ‘could mean that 2004 would see continuing U.S. disengagement from peacemaking resulting in more deterioration, chaos, absence of stability and peace.'”
Actually, though, President Bush did mention the Palestinians: he included Jerusalem in the list of cities where terrorists have struck since 1991. It seems clear that the administration understands that resolution of the Palestinian problem will be one of the last elements of Middle Eastern reform to fall into place, not among the first.


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