Angry but not crazy

An interesting new blog The American Thinker has linked to my piece about why the Dems don’t need Howard Dean, and his angry approach, in order to corner the anti-war vote and take advantage of any bad news from Iraq. Thomas Lifson agrees with my analysis up to a point but suggests that Kerry, Clark, and Edwards may not be able “to eschew the very anger than undid Dean.” I guess my view is that there is anger and then there’s anger. I don’t think Kerry, Clark, and Edwards are capable of Dean-like anger. Sure we will continue to see harsh condemnations of President Bush’s foreign policy, as well as the usual class warfare on domestic issues. But I don’t see Kerry and Edwards questioning Bush’s patriotism or claiming that his decisions stem from unresolved psychological issues. And Clark, who has already questioned Bush’s patriotism, may rethink his approach. The party’s base has thrown its temper tantrum and now wants a presentable candidate to take on Bush.


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