They’ve Got to Get New Editors

This morning, the New York Times’ Corrections section includes three politically-relevant corrections, two of which are attributed to “editing errors.” Here they are:

Because of an editing error, a front-page article yesterday about David A. Kay, the C.I.A.’s former weapons inspector, misstated his view of whether the agency’s analysts had been pressured by the Bush administration to tailor their prewar intelligence reports about Iraq’s weapons programs to conform to a White House political agenda. Mr. Kay said he believed that there was no such pressure, not that there was. (His view was correctly reflected in a quotation that followed the error.)
A front-page news analysis article on Wednesday about the impact of electoral politics on President Bush’s State of the Union address referred incorrectly to a statement in last year’s address, about Iraqi efforts to acquire uranium. The president said Iraq had been seeking to buy uranium in Africa. He did not specifically mention the African country of Niger, though it was identified several weeks earlier


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