Who’s got the surge?

Real Clear Politics takes a last pre-tally look at today’s New Hampshire primary. It sees conflicting signals. ARG’s final tracking poll finds Dean surging. Zogby, who found Dean to be surging over the weekend, says it’s Kerry whose surging now and has a 13 point lead. The only safe bet, says RCP, is that “that Wes Clark is finished after today. He’s dropping in most of the polls and it looks like he will limp home in 4th place. Clark still has some money, but he’s proven to be such a disaster as a candidate – such a walking contradiction, a phony opportunist, and a peddler of tin-hat conspiracies – it’s hard to see him getting a coherent message together and pulling a Kerryesque turn around by next Tuesday.”
If New Hampshire voters derail Clark, they will be entitled to our gratitude, for reasons that Peggy Noonan is the latest to explain.


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