Kerry Wins

John Kerry is well on his way to a double digit victory over Howard Dean in New Hampshire. He joins a very short list of candidates who have won both the Iowa caucus and N.H. primary, all of whom went on to capture the nomination. In all likelihood, Kerry too will be nominated. Unlike Dean, he’s the kind of guy who can protect a lead.
What was the biggest factor in Kerry’s big margin of victory? I think it was that Newsweek poll that had him ahead of President Bush.
HINDROCKET adds: Kerry is obviously the front-runner, but I’m happy to see that all of the Democratic contenders are vowing to stay in the race. The longer their nomination remains undecided the better, I think. Even Joe Lieberman was hailing is near-fourth-place performance as a victory. Good. And I was happy to hear the rapturous reception that Howard Dean got from his supporters.
Tonight I listened to John Kerry’s victory speech. I was struck by the prominence that Kerry gave to veterans–whom he slandered for many years, slander he is still proud of. It looks like we’re all going to take a walk down memory lane. Power Line will, I hope, be in the forefront.
DEACON responds: I don’t know, Rocket Man. We’re talking about some pretty embarrassing memories. And I don’t mean just Kerry’s.


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