Winter Wonderland Warning

I spent the last few days in Milwaukee; it was snowing in Minnesota when I left Monday morning, and it snowed in Milwaukee most of the time I was there. I got home at the end of the day today and picked up my car; I tuned in to listen to an excellent local radio talk show host, Joe Soucheray. As I left the airport parking ramp, the temperature reading on my car dropped down to thirteen degrees below zero. The first caller I heard on Joe’s show wanted to talk about…global warming. No kidding.
The weather is brutal over all of the Midwest, I think, but it’s especially cold here in Minnesota.
Hugh Hewitt is coming to town tomorrow, and the Trunk and I, with our wives and my seventeen-year-old son, are going to see him tomorrow night. My advice, Hugh: bring a sweater.
And to the Fraters Libertas guys, don’t worry: we’ll make eye contact with you, even though you “make Richard Simmons feel like a hard ass,” if only we can figure out who you are.


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