“The things that mean the most”

One of our readers, after considering the things that mean the most to her family, has this to say about why conservatives should continue to support President Bush:
“1) My husband is an officer in the US military. Every time he goes to base ops to fly, he stops in front of Bush’s picture and salutes and says ‘Thank you sir’. He had to serve 8 yrs under Clinton and it was very depressing for everyone in the military. The day Bush was sworn in there was a palpable sense of relief and an up-swing in the mood at the squadron. That’s enough right there for me.
2) I used to be a counselor in a crisis pregnancy support center and saw firsthand the effects ‘choice’ had on the women I was privileged to work with.. The very fact that President Bush signed the partial-birth abortion ban is another reason that’s enough for me.
3) My husband and I homeschool 6 of our 9 children. Our oldest son is in college and homeschooled from 8th-12th grades, right into college, and is doing very well. President Bush is a long-time supporter of homeschoolers. The previous administration was not.
4) Tax relief…. As a family of 11, trust me, we can see a big difference in our taxes. We are not ‘rich’ like Kerry says, we are an average middle class middle income family. The tax relief has made a major big difference to us.”


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