Most live in “peace,” some are blown to pieces

A blog called “Neoultracentrist” responds to my comment about the liberal Democratic understanding of the nature and extent of the terrorist threat by arguing that this understanding is superior to President Bush’s. The blogger takes Bush to task because “he tells us that we have to go on living otherwise the terrorists have won, and then constantly points out that we’re in mortal danger.” But there’s a better model — “people in Israel don’t live in fear. They live smart lives of avoiding crowded places and that helps most of them live in peace.”
The Neoultracentrist has articulated a postion on terrorism that had not occurred to me. It’s not that 9/11 was a fluke, or that we should we should “embrace the Middle East economically, socially, and culturally” (Kerry’s latest formula), or that we should focus our efforts on defensively protecting the homeland. It’s that we should avoid crowded places (including large office buildings?) and live in peace and without fear like the Israelis.
HINDROCKET adds: We’ve occasionally linked to pieces we’ve dubbed “Worst of the Web,” but we may have to retire the prize after this one. I think we’ve hit bottom.


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