The Northern Alliance Meets

This noon representatives of the Northern Alliance got together with Commissioner Hugh Hewitt, Generalissimo Duane and Jay Larson of the Patriot for lunch. It was fun to meet some of the guys we hadn’t encountered before. The photo below shows Hugh, lower right; Duane, holding the HH bobblehead doll; King Banian of SCSU Scholars (above and between Hugh and Duane); Ed Morissey of Captain’s Quarters (in the back on the right, partly obscured); Mitch Berg of Shot in the Dark (in the back on the left); Spitbull (third from the left); the Trunk (on the right between King and Ed); and me (on the left in the Power Line sweatshirt). Those not otherwise identified are Fraters guys (from left to right, the Elder, St. Paul, the Atomizer, and J.B. Doubtless).
It was a fun lunch. Anyone who thinks that bloggers are all geeky, high school AV types should have been there. Really, that description only applies to the Fraters guys. The rest of us are more high school chess club types.
It looks like the Alliance may have a radio show before long. Saturday afternoons on the Patriot. As long as Mitch and Ed don’t try to hold up the Patriot for too much money–well, actually, any money–I think it’s likely to happen. We’ll keep you posted. And don’t worry, Deacon, we’ll have a phone hookup to D.C.


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