The Big Event of the Day…

…is of course the Super Bowl. I care very little about it, but Deacon and the Trunk care even less, so I’ll try to hang a political point or two on this extremely slim reed.
First, we won’t have Wes Clark to kick around much longer, so let’s get in a last shot or two before he sinks beneath the waves. Clark attended a Super Bowl party today in Flagstaff, Arizona. The AP released at least four photos of Clark at the party; each one showed him with a beer in his hand, and the caption of each picture noted specifically that it was a Corona. Here he is:
When I first saw this, I thought: what a dope. He gets himself photographed holding a beer in his hand, and it’s imported! But then I realized–hey, this is Arizona. He’s going out of his way to let people know that he’s drinking Corona because he’s hoping to score with the Latino population. About which I have three comments:
1) This is one of the lowest forms of pandering ever recorded.
2) Corona is a hideously bad beer. Anyone who would drink it merely to be elected President has his values sorely out of whack.
3) Look closely: not only is Clark drinking Corona, he is also doing the incredibly lame lime-stuck-in-the-top-of-the-bottle thing, like in the 1980’s. This can’t possibly be to impress the Mexicans, and therefore must be Clark’s own concept of cool. Strike three.
Now, on to John Kerry. During the last few days, there has been controversy over whether Kerry has or has not submitted to botox treatments. Yale Diva has been in the forefront. All I can say is, see for yourself–John Kerry in late 2003, and John Kerry today, at a Super Bowl party in Fargo, North Dakota:
Plaintiff rests–as I occasionally have the pleasure of saying in court.
And now, back to the game itself. We all know what the big moment was; just in case you don’t have Tevo, here is an instant replay:
I haven’t followed the post-game reports very closely, but I gather that this momentary exposure is alleged to be accidental. I very much doubt it; but, in any event, given the winged chariot at our backs, and so on, I recommend that we enjoy it while it lasts.
UPDATE: The NFL says: “It’s unlikely that MTV will produce another Super Bowl halftime.”


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