The Slander Channel

We missed this at the time, but apparently the “History Channel” has aired a program, alleged by the Channel to be “meticulously researched,” which claims that Lyndon Johnson engineered the assassination of President Kennedy.
Johnson’s widow, Gerald Ford (the last surviving member of the Warren Commission), and several members of the Johnson administration have sent letters of protest to the History Channel and A&E Television Networks. Former Johnson aide Jack Valenti says: “I’m puzzled, bewildered, that a distinguished enterprise like the History Channel would put on the air such garbage, such ugliness. It makes one sick.”
It certainly makes me sick. As I believe we have noted before, there is no event in the history of the world which is so thoroughly understood, and about which there is so little mystery, as the Kennedy assassination. Oswald did it. To conspiracy buffs, all I can say is: get over it.
If you have any doubt about the assassination, read Jim Moore’s Conspiracy of One, the definitive book on the assassination, and Case Closed by Gerald Posner, which includes a fascinating short biography of Lee Oswald.


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