Haute Coiffure

Hugh Hewitt’s site led me to this piece by Howard Kurtz in the Washington Post about the heightened media scrutiny that’s in store for John Kerry. (I’ve got to bite the bullet and start reading my home town paper more diligently). Such scrutiny will, of course, occur. But one shouldn’t expect Kerry to collapse under it, as Howard Dean is said to have done. In fact, the notion that Dean failed because, as the front-runner, he faced many months of heightened media scrutiny is a largely a myth created by Dean as an excuse. Dean collapsed because of what he said and did, not because of what the media said about him. The American people will process the stories they read and hear about Kerry in the context of what they see for themselves. It will be a gradual process that will likely continue until the end of the last debate, and possibly through the final weekend before the election.
Meanwhile, Kurtz’s piece affords me a rare opportunity to play Washington insider. In discussing the scrutiny Kerry received a year ago, as the original front-runner, Kurtz refers to a story about Kerry getting $75 haircuts. Kurtz cites a Boston journalist who claims that this story was “absolutely ridiculous.” However, one of my female law partners goes to the same Georgetown hair salon as Kerry, probably the most expensive one in the city, and I have had some legal dealings with the salon. I’d be shocked if Kerry spends less than $75 at that place and surprised if he doesn’t spend more.
HINDROCKET asks: So, Deacon, do they do Botox injections there?
DEACON responds: Botox? What’s that?