Multidisciplinary Incompetence

I like this New York Times correction, because it simultaneously reveals an astonishing ignorance of both history and literature:

An obituary on Monday about Patricia Falkenhain Geiringer, a stage actress, misstated the name of the Shakespeare play in which her portrayal of Doll Tearsheet won an Obie. It was “Henry IV, Part 2.” (There is no “Richard IV, Part 2.”)

Astute students of European history–like those who took a high school course in the subject–might add that there was never a King Richard IV, either. The royals retired the name after Richard III, sort of like how Americans stopped naming their sons Adolf after WWII.
By the way–speaking of winters of discontent–the current temperature here in Minnesota is eleven degrees below zero. I think I’ll try to do a global warming update over the weekend.


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