The obsolescent memory hole

Before a story is lost to memory, it should probably first come to light. That has been the accepted course of procedure in times past, but apparently now all is to be changed. Have we no concern for all those workers in the memory hole who will be thrown out of jobs if it falls into disuse?
First, we have the story of the misconduct underlying Tim Johnson’s 524-vote victory over John Thune in 2002, followed by today’s Hill report by Byron York on the mysterious disappearing prosecution case: “Get ready for another Senate election scandal.” No need for the Times or the Post to follow up with today’s Hill story or force the election story down the memory hole; I don’t believe they reported it in the first place. (Courtesy of RealClearPolitics.)
Then we have the story of the seven-pound block of cyanide discovered in Baghdad. I have searched today’s New York Times and Washington Post for any mention of the discovery of the cyanide in the al Qaeda Baghdad safe house, the story reported by Fox News that we linked to yesterday in “Small stockpiles of WMD.” Nada.
For some reason, the only related story I can find is a Reuters story in the Times and this Washington Post story, both on Donald Rumsfeld’s testimony to his continuing belief that Iraq had WMD: “Rumsfeld: More time needed for WMD search.” What a crank!
HINDROCKET adds: The story of the discovery of cyanide salts in Zarqawi’s Baghdad safe house is nuclear; it shatters at one blow the two pillars of the liberal position on Iraq–that there was no connection between Iraq and al Qaeda, and no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. So it is easy to see why the New York Times and the Washington Post don’t want their readers to have the information. But why isn’t it in the Washington Times, which likewise has no story this morning? A Google News search discloses not a single news outlet that has picked up the story.


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