This guy looks familiar

Back when Howard Dean was the front-runner, pundits were constantly comparing him to various politicians of the second half of the previous century. To some, Dean was the new George McGovern; to others the new Jimmy Carter or Walter Mondale. One commentator even found him similar in some ways to Newt Gingrich.
Having spent a good part of the day blogging about the new front-runner, I think I can short-circuit the latest round of comparisons. John Kerry is nearly every Democratic candidate since 1960 rolled into one.
Like Kennedy, this Massachusetts JFK is a rich, playboy, war hero.
Like Johnson, he’s a Washington insider on the take.
Like McGovern and Carter, he’s soft on defense and national security.
Like Mondale, he’s a traditional tax and spend liberal.
Like Dukakis, his former boss, he’s a Massachusetts liberal.
Like Clinton, he’s a playboy who tried to have it both ways on Iraq.
Like Gore, he’s a faux populist.


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