A providential mistake?

Like us, our hero Professor David Gelernter of Yale University was an advocate of our war against Saddam Hussein. Unlike us, he is not discombobulated by our failure to discover large stockpiles of WMD in Iraq.
In his Sunday Los Angeles Times column (“The happy error”), Professor Gelernter advocates the institutionalization of what he calls “the Bush method”: “We publish an official list of tyrants we consider it our moral duty to overthrow. The implied next sentence is obvious: Give us an excuse and we’ll do it. Play games with the U.N.; show us your true colors. Meanwhile, we might pray for the strange, accidental wisdom to make another providential mistake.”
Professor Gelernter’s column is a perfect companion piece to Laura Secor’s Boston Globe article on the Bush Doctrine as grand strategy. The column is buried on the Times Web site, which may explain how our friends at RealClearPolitics missed it. We are grateful for the tip that led us to the column.
UPDATE: The gents at RealClearPolitics wrote to let us know that they had indeed overlooked the column and have added it to their Sunday lineup.