Hero Kerry versus Hanoi Kerry

Today’s installment of our continuing series on veterans against Kerry comes via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Kerry no hero in eyes of Vietnam-era veteran.” Former reporter Chris Ward asks:

How could Kerry so easily abandon his comrades in Vietnam, and then, 30 years on, call on those same men and women to back his presidential ambition?
Kerry now holds himself up as a war hero and asks for my vote. Yet, 30 years ago he stood with Jane Fonda and gave aid and comfort to an enemy still killing our brother veterans by the hundreds.
Bush’s honorable service in the National Guard bothers me less than Kerry’s abandonment of his brothers, his switching sides and his active contribution to an enemy’s efforts to kill Americans.
Time often softens the dark edges of military service, leaving grown men the ability to sit around a kitchen table late at night to laugh about the exploits that left them less than whole. But the dramatic difference between Hero Kerry and Hanoi Kerry leave me to wonder who he might next abandon, and at what cost to America.

(Courtesy of RealClearPolitics.)


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